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How To Create Opportunities From Lost Sales

By  Senior Market Advisors  on December 6, 2017

How To Create Opportunities From Lost Sales

Have you ever showed up to an appointment only to discover that the beneficiary is already in the best plan? Don’t just turn around and leave – you can still create opportunities in other ways! Your job is more than selling. It’s also educating and “serving the underserved,” according to our mission statement. If your client does not need a new plan, it’s not a lost sale, it’s a relationship-building opportunity.

Look Over Their Plan

First, make sure the beneficiary truly is in the best plan for them. While you’re sitting there with them, run a search through Then, go over their benefits with them and make sure that they are taking advantage of what their plan offers. Educate them on extra benefits that they may not even know they have, like SilverSneakers or dental coverage.

Build Your Partnerships

If the beneficiary is not using his dental benefits, for example, this is a great opportunity for you. You can help him find a dentist in his area, and even help him schedule his first appointment! This will help you introduce yourself to a dentist that you can partner with. Or, if you are already partnered with a dentist in the area, take it as an opportunity to build on that partnership!

Although it may not be immediately obvious, you’ll build a relationship with a new client. Even if you can’t sell them a product that day, they’ll know you as a licensed agent who they can trust in the future. Plus, they just might refer you to their friends and family members who need help!

Relationships Are Key

 Relationships are the key to building your business. Don’t ever leave an appointment without building on the relationship. There are always opportunities to build your business, even when you can’t make a sale.