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Watch Your Language: A Guide To The Importance Of Your Word Choices

By  Senior Market Advisors  on July 17, 2017

Do you know the true impact of your words? Your simple, everyday word choices can make or break a sale, especially in the insurance industry. Clients don’t want to feel like they’re being “sold” something, they want to know that they’re getting the coverage that they need. Watch every word you say to avoid sounding like a businessman and instead portray yourself as a health care professional.

There are certain words that you probably use every day that you can easily change to better benefit clients. Consider the following:

Replace “I” Phrases With “You” Phrases

Focus on the client, not your business goals. You may not realize it, but if you say phrases like “I think,” “I suggest,” and “I would,” you’re taking the client out of the equation. Replacing those phrases with “You can” and “You should” implies that you are taking the client’s individual and unique needs into consideration. While you’re at it, make sure you’re addressing the client with their name – but don’t sound scripted. All too often, salesmen will try to say a client’s name as much as possible and it comes across as scripted. Use it when it seems natural, and don’t forget what it is!

Always Say “Do” Instead Of “Try”

Avoid telling clients that you will “try” to do something for them. If there is a barrier that may prevent you from doing something, such as getting them a discount, use phrases like “I WILL contact someone about that and see what I can DO,” instead of “I’ll try.” Saying that you will do something is more definite and will help clients feel secure and trust that you are working hard for them.

Never Give A “But,” Use “And” Instead

This goes hand-in-hand with “try.” The phrase “I’ll try, but…” will discourage clients and make them feel like you can’t do the things they want you to do. Replacing that with “I’ll call and see what I can do” can make the world of a difference.

Appeal To The Senses

Health care is a sensitive topic, especially with Medicare. Your clients are getting older and losing their health and their income. You’re walking into their homes and asking them to give you their personal health and financial information. One way to make clients feel more comfortable is to appeal to their senses. Look them in the eyes. Speak audibly, but not too loudly. Dress nicely.

Remind Clients Of Their Power In The Situation

Whatever you do, do not let the client feel inferior to you. Technically, the client is in control. The client makes the final decisions. Remind them of this by reinstating the fact that they have options in their health care. Ask them if they understand or have questions instead of condescendingly overexplaining. It’s easy to accidentally belittle someone when you’re trying to close a sale. Remember that you can’t force a client to make a decision. They need to feel comfortable and ready to buy from you.

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