8 Workflow Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

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8 Workflow Apps You Didn't Know You Needed | Senior Market Advisors

As an insurance agent, you are truly your own business (even if you contract with a FMO like Senior Market Advisors). You’ve got a lot on your plate with growing your business, following up with current clients, and the day-to-day administrative tasks that are necessary for your business to be successful. You’ve also got insurance-agent-exclusive business items such as carrier and AHIP certifications. Fortunately, there are thousands of apps that can help you run your business. Getting organized and communicating properly has never been easier. Here are eight workflow apps that will benefit both you and your clients.

1. Newton

Newton is one of the highest-rated email apps for individual use. It allows you to keep all your email in one convenient place. You’ll know when people have read your emails. You can snooze email notifications to make sure you see them later or send them to your desktop to remove the notification from your phone. You can also quickly access contact information from your senders, and you can easily connect with other apps like Evernote (for note taking and to-do lists) and Pocket.


2. Pocket

Pocket is for the businessman that’s always on the go. If you’re always finding articles and links that you want to look at, but you’re constantly running around meeting clients, Pocket is for you. With this app, you can save your online finds that you want to look at but can’t in the moment.

You can read your saved finds on your time, which can actually make you more efficient. Without an app like Pocket, you either have to read something in the moment or bookmark it. Eventually, your bookmarks can pile up and the one article you need to read may get lost.


3. Grammarly

Many agents are not professional writers, and you shouldn’t have to be. Your job is to help people get quality health insurance, life insurance, or any combination thereof. However, your audience may judge you if you misspell a common word or use the wrong “there.”

Luckily, there’s Grammarly. Once installed, Grammarly can help you with your grammar no matter where you’re typing. It catches simple mistakes, like typos and unnecessary commas, for free. A premium account will give you advanced grammar assistance. The app will explain what you did wrong and show you how to fix it. It’s better than most spell check tools out there and it can save you from poorly proofreading an important email.



4. Buffer

If you aren’t using social media to expand your brand and find leads, you’re missing out on a major market. Buffer can help you manage all of that. With the app, you can schedule your social media posts in advance. Even if you’re with a client during social media prime time, your post can still go out at the exact time you want it to. It also conveniently stores all your social media platform information in one place, so you can manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts all from one app.



5. Zapier/Flow 

Zapier and Flow are both automation apps much like Buffer, but they manage much more than social media accounts. These wonderful apps are ways to control all of your other apps in one place. That means everything from your email to your calendar and everything in between. Their respective websites include lists of all the apps that are compatible. Flow is designed more for businesses, and Zapier is great for individual use.

6. Mailvelope

If you’re sending important private data (like a client’s personal information), you may consider using an app like Mailvelope that adds extra protection to your emails. Mailvelope has an encryption system that adds on to the safety precautions that Gmail already has in place.


7. Google Dictionary

This Google Chrome add-on is a great way to quickly find a definition without having to open a new tab or browser window. All you have to do once it’s installed is double click on a word to reveal its meaning and pronunciation. The only catch is that the click action only works when you’re in your Gmail inbox. If you’re browsing the web and need a definition, you can click a little dictionary icon in your toolbar to type in a word. It’s quicker and easier than searching for something on Google.


8. Assistant.to

This is not your average calendar app. This app can help eliminate the need to “play phone or email tag” to schedule meetings. Assistant.to allows you to schedule your availability and then let others select what time works best for them. It’s also a Google Chrome attachment, so everything stays right in your Gmail account. No tab or window switching required! Other appointment-scheduling apps include Calendly and Acuity Scheduling.

Honorable Mention

These apps are so great that we couldn’t go without mentioning them. These tools have functions ranging from finding out what Medicare covers for your clients to finding the best gas prices in your area.

Medicare What’s Covered

This app can help you determine whether Original Medicare covers your client’s need. You can find information such as general costs, what’s covered, and eligibility details.

What’s Covered can be a useful sales tool. For example, if your client thinks Original Medicare is enough coverage, show the client that Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs. That may help your client decide they want a Medicare Part D plan or a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (MAPD). You should also use Medicare.gov’s new plan finder tool to your advantage once your client asks about covered benefits.

Facebook Pages

Use Facebook Pages to manage your company Facebook page. You can launch and maintain Facebook ad campaigns, manage your social media community, and generate leads. The app lets you like and comment as your business, rather than using your personal Facebook profile.


This app is great if you spend your life in your car. Even though you can write some mileage off on your taxes, GasBuddy helps you save money at the pump. The app tells you what gas station has the cheapest price in your area.

Let Senior Market Advisors Help You Manage Your Workflow 

As an insurance agent, you have a difficult job. You have to generate leads, call those leads, and hope they convert. Otherwise, you won’t make any commission. Senior Market Advisors gives agents tools for success such as free CRM access, support from an experienced sales and marketing team, and access to many different carriers so you can offer your clients more options.  For more information or to start eContracting today, call 1-844-452-5020 or contact us here.

This post was originally published on April 17, 2017, by Anastasia Iliou. The latest update was on November 26, 2019, by Troy Frink.

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