Tell Your Clients About Paperless Medicare

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Tell Your Clients About Paperless Medicare | Senior Market Advisors

Tell Your Clients About Paperless Medicare

Paperless Medicare will help you and your clients save time, money, and paper, consequently benefiting you and the environment you live in!


Medicare hosts its own free and secure digital service for account management and information. It will allow you and your clients to access important data quickly, easily, and cheaply and avoid problems like lost or stolen mail. If you’re having trouble convincing your clients to switch to using this digital system, try reminding them that doing so will also benefit the environment. No more paper bills and notices!

The service is easy to use. Clicking a big blue button will download personal information. Clients can also access their eligibility for discounts and Extra Help and details about their current plan. There’s even a video to help beneficiaries through the process of registering and using the service.

eMSNs (Electronic Medicare Summary Notices)

The biggest draw to electronic MSNs is the shorter wait time. Normally, these notices take three months to arrive by mail, but eMSNs are always accessible online. It’s also a good way for clients to keep track of older MSNs. They won’t have to search through years of paper documents or stand in line at the Social Security office. Clients can sign up for eMSNs through their My Medicare account. Just click “Email and Correspondence Settings” under the “User Information” tab. Then, opt-in for electronic Medicare Summary Notices!

eHandbook and eBooks

Every fall, clients will receive a physical “Medicare and You” handbook. Unfortunately, the information will only get more and more outdated until the following fall. Since we have new electronic handbooks, clients can check online for the most updated information. Now, clients can opt out of receiving the physical copy, which will save a lot of paper and government money, simply by entering their information here. They can access other electronic Medicare publications here.

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