Help Seniors and Medicare Eligibles Save Money On Prescription Drugs

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Help Seniors Save Money On Prescription Drugs | Senior Market Advisors

Help Seniors and Medicare Eligibles Save Money On Prescription Drugs

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of seniors and Medicare eligibles skip their medications altogether because they’re too expensive? Then, because they’re skipping doses, they get sicker…and they get more bills. Thankfully, you can help seniors in your area save money on prescription drugs by trying out a few different tactics:

Offer High Premium Plans

Explain the differences between a high premium plan and high deductibles and copayments. It may be easier for your clients to pay the same high premium every month instead of suddenly having to fork over thousands for their medication. They may be better off with a Medicare Advantage plan with a high premium instead of a standard Part D plan with high copayments.

Suggest Mail-Order Prescriptions

Mail-order prescriptions are often cheaper because the middleman is cut out. Your clients can order their prescriptions for same-day delivery and they won’t have to make a trip to the pharmacy! Shipping is usually free, and they can receive large supplies (like 90-day instead of 30) by ordering online.

Help Clients Apply For LIS

LIS, or Low-Income Subsidy, is a program that helps beneficiaries save thousands on their prescription drugs each year. Thousands of LIS-eligible beneficiaries don’t even know that they’re eligible! Be sure to talk to your clients about their income level to gauge whether or not they should apply for LIS. Also, use it as a lead-generating opportunity by hosting CMS-approved events. You can get a lead for yourself and help someone save thousands all in one day.

Host tables at senior centers, banks, and community events to help people find out if they’re eligible for LIS. The great part is that if they’re eligible, they have an SEP, and you just got yourself a lead that you can sell to at any time.

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