Local Advertising Ideas For Insurance Agents

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Local Advertising Ideas For Insurance Agents | Senior Market Advisors

Local Advertising Ideas For Insurance Agents

What better place to advertise your services than in your own neighborhood? Consumers often prefer local businesses to major corporations. You, as a Medicare agent, are a local service provider. Consumers will like the fact that you live nearby. It means you have something in common, and it means you’re more likely to be available when they need you. Plus, it’ll be easier for you if you don’t have to travel far to speak with your clients! So how can you advertise locally to get more leads?

Attend Community Events

Does your town have a farmer’s market, craft sale, holiday party, or any sort of local event coming up? You can become a regular at community events! All you need is a folding table, a tablecloth, some business cards and a good sign to get people to come talk to you. As long as you register your events through CMS, you can answer healthcare questions and collect leads. Plus, the more events you attend, the quicker you will become a familiar face in your community. Consumers will likely prefer a familiar face to a stranger from out-of-town. You might even want to consider sponsoring a concert or similar small local event!

Local TV & Radio Ads

Local TV & radio advertisements may be cheaper than you think. Radio is great because you don’t even need a quality camera or fancy video work – all you need is a decent microphone. Maybe your local radio station will even let you record your advertisement in their studio!

Your TV or radio placement will likely be only 15 or 30 seconds long, depending on what you’re paying for. Remember to speak clearly. State your name, how you can help, and your phone number.

Yellow Pages & Directories

We know, the yellow pages are almost irrelevant now with the internet. However, seniors and Medicare eligibles still use them to find local services. It’ll probably be cheap to get in your local directories and yellow pages, and it will probably be a quick and painless half hour of your day to figure out how to do it. It’s an easy way to get your name, services, and phone number out there in your local community.

Need help with your marketing efforts? If you become one of our agents, we can provide you with the marketing support you need to succeed. You’ll be able to spend more time selling! Interested? Contact us here.

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