How To Keep A Routine

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How To Keep A Routine | Senior Market Advisors

How To Keep A Routine

A morning routine may have a greater impact on your productivity and sales than you think! Sleeping in or having a sporadic routine can make you feel lethargic. Following a similar routine every day can get you into the right mindset to work hard. That’s why most successful people try to stick to the same routine every day.

Beginning Steps

The first step to any solid morning is a good night’s sleep. Everyone requires a different amount of sleep, so figure out how much sleep leaves you feeling the most refreshed in the morning and set a goal to get that every night. Have a “bedtime” for yourself, and remember to set your alarm before bed! Then, don’t hit snooze. If you’re going to bed on time, you should feel well-rested when your alarm goes off. Hitting snooze and rolling back over can leave you feeling less prepared for the day. You’ll have less time before work and you might fall into the weekend mindset.

The Physical Aspect

Everyone wakes up differently, but the physical aspect is often extremely important. Take a few minutes to stretch, go for a run, play with your dog, whatever you need to do to get your blood flowing. This will get easier if you get into the habit of doing it every day!

Set Your Goals

If you haven’t already, set your S.M.A.R.T. goals for the year! Then, every morning, set your top three goals for the day. You can include goals of all shapes and sizes, like “sell two products today” or “make those calls you’ve been putting off.” Try to do this every morning to keep yourself focused throughout the day. Then, at the end of the day, you can check off your goals and feel confident and productive!

Have A Food Schedule

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Get your day off to a good start with a healthy smoothie or a hearty bowl of oatmeal. A sugary breakfast will only slow you down! Then, try to keep a stable eating schedule for the rest of your day as well. Eat lunch around the same time every day. It’ll stop you from unnecessary snacking that will make you feel sluggish. Plus, it gives you a break to look forward to during the day. You can tell yourself, “If I just get through the morning, I’ll have lunch at 12.”

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Anastasia Iliou
Anastasia Iliou
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