Common HIPAA Violations and How To Avoid Them

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Common HIPAA Violations and How To Avoid Them | Senior Market Advisors

Common HIPAA Violations and How To Avoid Them

Have you completed your HIPAA training yet? These are the most common HIPAA violations and how to avoid them this season.

“Gossiping” and “Nosey” Behavior

It’s easy to forget that you can’t talk about a client’s personal information with anyone other than the client. For example, if you’re at a party and think you have a fun story to tell about a client, it would be a HIPAA violation to do so. Additionally, you shouldn’t put other agents in an uncomfortable situation. Don’t ask about their clients, and don’t tell them about yours.

Accidently Disclosing Information

Clients’ family members may call you in an effort to get the most accurate information about your client’s coverage. For instance, a client’s daughter who is trying to find out what kind of coverage her mother has may not trust that her mother remembers the information correctly. Make sure you know who whether or not you have permission to disclose information to the person you’re speaking with. If you do not have a written contract that establishes that family member’s right to information, do not disclose information.

Unprotected Data

If you have client data stored either in a filing cabinet or on a device such as your phone or computer, you need extra protection. Leave your physical documents in a locked cabinet and always have password protection on your data. With these protections, you won’t violate HIPAA if you lose your device is lost or stolen.

Social Media

In 2017, it’s very easy to share information quickly and without too much thought. Your best bet is to avoid posting about your work altogether. Most importantly, be sure to never share client photos, names, or medical information on your social media accounts. Even a seemingly harmless photo may be a HIPAA violation.

HIPAA Training

If you sell Medicare products without going through your HIPAA training, you are in violation of HIPAA regulations. Plus, HIPAA is likely to alter some rules and regulations every year, so skipping out on training can seriously cost you. Are you trained and ready to sell for 2017 AEP?

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