Close More Sales By Offering Options

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Close More Sales by Offering Options | Senior Market Advisors

Close More Sales By Offering Options

Are you licensed to sell with more than one carrier? If you have a long list of products that you can sell, you’re much more likely to find a good match for a client. Plus, showing a client multiple policies that they can enroll in can lead to better trust and more sales.

Make the client comfortable. 

If your client feels like you are pressuring them into buying a product, they may get nervous and opt out. Sometimes all you need to do to make your clients feel more comfortable buying from you is offer them options.

Door-to-door knife salesman have one product to offer their clients. There may be one or two options, but at the end of the day, all they can sell are knives from that one company. You, however, have the option to contract with multiple different carriers and sell multiple different types of insurance plan. That’s why when you visit your clients, you’re not a door-to-door salesman, you are an advisor, helping seniors and Medicare beneficiaries get the care and coverage they need.

Change the client’s way of thinking.

Offering options changes your client’s thought process from “do I want to buy this?” to “which product do I want to buy?”  and makes it much easier for you to close sales. Plus, there is the added benefit of your ability to truly sell plans that work best for the client. You don’t have to push them towards one specific plan because you will earn commission even if they choose a different option. That’s why at Senior Market Advisors, our mission is to serve the underserved. We want to serve underserved clients by offering a bias-free approach.

At the end of your appointment, you should have at least three good options for the client to choose from: the cheap option, the full-coverage expensive option, and something in the middle. Then, let the client take control of the meeting. You’ve done your job. You’ve advised the client as to what their best options are for choosing a plan. Now it’s the client’s turn to choose.

Get certified. 

So, are you certified to sell with multiple different carriers and plan types? At Senior Market Advisors, we encourage our agents to certify with as many plans in their area as they can. Plus, if you contract through SMA with our eContracting system, we’ll offer you exclusive benefits. You’ll get access to our online store, which is full of downloadable marketing materials. You’ll also have access to our print shop, our in-house marketing team, our webinars and trainings, and more!

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Anastasia Iliou
Anastasia Iliou
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