10 Ways to Avoid Rapid Dis-Enrollment

10 Ways to Avoid Rapid Dis-Enrollment | Senior Market Advisors

Keeping your customers happy can mean a happy bank account. Learn how to avoid rapid disenrollment and keep those Medicare commissions rolling in!

Ultimate Guide to Selling Medicare Over the Phone

Sell Medicare By Phone | Senior Market Advisors

Many younger Baby Boomers have used the internet for their entire adult lives, so it makes sense that 40 percent of seniors use smartphones. Since Baby Boomers readily familiarize themselves with technology, you should make your phone a huge component of your overall marketing and sales strategy. Many of your prospects may actually prefer to use their phones rather than …

How to Be a Top Performer: An Interview with Renowned Performance Coach Ben Newman

Ben Newman Podcast Blog

We are beyond grateful to have been able to get to know renowned Performance Coach Ben Newman. When we had the chance to interview him for our podcast last month, he said, “What I’m excited about today is to connect you to your burn, your fire, your stories to make this AEP, and the finish to your year, the best …

How Insurance Agents Should Use the New Medicare.Gov Medicare Plan Finder Tool

New Medicare.Gov Tools

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that Medicare.gov released a new Medicare Plan Finder tool late this summer. This was the first time the Medicare.gov tool has been updated in a decade, which is crazy considering how fast technology moves.  What’s new with Medicare.Gov’s Medicare Plan Finder? Medicare.gov’s new search tool creates an entirely …