2020 SEP Changes

2020 SEP Changes: When Can you Sell to DSNP and LIS Clients?

News October 9, 2019 0

In the past, Dual-Eligible Special Needs (DSNP) clients, other people who receive Medicaid assistance (QMB-only, SLMB-only, etc.), and LIS clients could make changes to their plans every single month of the year that would become effective in the following month. In 2019 and moving forward, those clients have new SEP rules. Basically, AEP rules now […]

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What Medicare Consumers Want in 2020

Study: What Medicare Consumers Want in 2019-2020

News, Sales 0

Based solely on impressions (the number of times it showed up in a Google search), the most popular content on our consumer site, MedicarePlanFinder.com, is about: Medicare fitness programs Medicare transportation solutions Using Medicare to fight obesity Orthotics Medicare coverage Medicare + rehab for stroke recovery Why is this important? This data tells us that […]

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Tennessee YMCA SilverSneakers Sales

BREAKING NEWS: No More YMCAs for Tennessee Seniors with SilverSneakers

Customer Retention, News September 24, 2019 0

On Tuesday, September 17, it was announced that the Tennessee State Alliance of YMCAs would not be participating in the SilverSneakers network in 2020 (effective Jan 1). While your clients with SilverSneakers won’t be losing their program access, many (especially in rural areas) will lose a large part of their network. Major gyms (Gold’s Gym, […]

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BREAKING: 2020 CMS Guidelines for Marketing Medicare Plans

AEP, General, News September 3, 2019 0

BREAKING: 2020 CMS Guidelines for Marketing Medicare Plans As you know, marketing is crucial to your success. It’s not only how you generate fresh leads, but also how you hang on to your existing clients. Every year, CMS releases updated Medicare marketing & communications guidelines to help you stay compliant. The 2020 changes memo is […]

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What MACRA Means For The Future Of Medicare | Senior Market Advisors

What MACRA Means For The Future Of Medicare Sales

General, Medicare, News June 24, 2019 0

What does MACRA mean for Medicare sales? The 2020 deadline is nearing. Find out what MACRA means for your sales before it’s too late.

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