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Tennessee YMCA SilverSneakers Sales

BREAKING NEWS: No More YMCAs for Tennessee Seniors with SilverSneakers

On Tuesday, September 17, it was announced that the Tennessee State Alliance of YMCAs would not be participating in the SilverSneakers network in 2020 (effective Jan 1). While your clients with SilverSneakers won’t be losing their program access, many (especially in rural areas) will lose a large part of their network. Major gyms (Gold’s Gym, […]

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How To Avoid Sterotyping and Increase Your Sales | Senior Market Advisors

How To Avoid Stereotyping and Increase Your Sales

How To Avoid Stereotyping and Increase Your Sales Some seniors and Medicare eligibles are sensitive about their age, their health condition, and/or their finances. It’s easy to slip into pre-conceived notions when you’re dealing with seniors and Medicare eligibles on a day-to-day basis, but you have to remember that not all Medicare beneficiaries are the same. […]

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