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Business Expenses You Can Report

By  Senior Market Advisors  on March 7, 2018

Business Expenses You Can Report

Happy tax season! Did you know you can save money by reporting your business expenses for deductions? As an independent sales agent, you have to shell out certain costs up front to help your business run smoothly. These are some of the items you can report when filing your taxes this year:

Travel Expenses

Every time you get in your car and drive to an appointment, you’re shelling out your own money for gas, parking fees, tolls, and occasional car maintenance. Even though those costs come from your wallet, they are considered business-related expenses. You couldn’t do your job well if you couldn’t get to your appointments. Tax accountants and tax programs like Turbotax can help you figure out how much you can deduct for travel expenses.

Cell Phone Service

As a salesman, you’re always on the go. That means you’re not using a traditional office landline – you’re using your personal cell phone to call clients, carriers, and agencies. Since you’re making those calls, sending texts, and using data for business purposes, you can report your cell phone use as a business expense.


Anything you purchase yourself for your business, from file folders and binders to laptops and tablets, is a business expense. Think about all the supplies you’ve purchased for your business over the past year. You may be able to get a check to make up for the taxes you paid on your computer!

Marketing Materials

When you pay to create branded materials to leave at doctors offices or business cards to hand to clients, those are business expenses. Look back at all the marketing materials you paid for over the past year.

Contract Labor

Did you pay anyone to help you post content on a website or social media? Did anyone design a logo or business card for you? You probably paid decent money for those services – all business-related services. Report any labor you paid for.

You spend too much valuable time and money to not report your business expenses when you file your taxes. Make sure you get what you deserve!