Meet Our Team



Jeff Pitta

Jeff Pitta has already established himself in the Nashville, TN marketplace as CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in this industry. Jeff embraces change with an unparalleled passion. Jeff looks beyond the normal -- the standard -- and says there is a better way. Not for the sake of change itself, but to leapfrog into the future with new models -- new formulas for success.

While sales development is clearly Jeff's strong suite -- redesigning and reengineering the playing field will be his legacy. Jeff is already a seasoned veteran of production in the arenas of Financing, Sales, Health Insurance and Long-Term Care.

Anna Rothhaar

In 2005, Anna joined Medicare Health Benefits (MHB) as a partner to CEO Jane Wall. MHB formed in 1996 to serve the Medicare population in Tucson, Arizona. Anna has helped to form MHB into a national brand, and their partnership with SMA has helped both parties grow even more.

Natalie Brown
Senior Vice President of Marketing

As a strategic executive with over 15 years of experience in business development, operations, and marketing, Natalie has been with Senior Market Advisors for nearly 3 years. She is responsible for the overall marketing and communications for the company including driving the company’s business strategy and business model transformation and evolution. Her ultimate passion is ensuring employees reach their utmost potential through exceptional leadership and support.

Lead Generation

Ashley Goddard McNurlan
Director of Creative Services

Ashley being a senior member of the marketing team has been with Senior Market Advisors for a little over 3 years. Ashley's responsibilities include company branding, creative direction, web development, social media marketing, content & digital marketing, as well as search engine optimization. Ashley was also selected by Google to take part in their Digital Marketing Training Program and is Google Adwords certified. As the Director of Creative Services, Ashley really enjoys expanding her knowledge, learning new techniques and current trends, making her an asset in her field and at Senior Market Advisors.

Anastasia Iliou
Content Marketing Manager

Anastasia handles everything our marketing department needs when it comes to creating and editing content. She writes and edits blog posts for our Senior Market Advisors and Medicare Plan Finder websites and helps to plan and execute our social media marketing strategy. She recently joined us after graduating from Belmont University with a degree in Songwriting. Anastasia spends her weekends traveling, writing songs, playing with her hedgehog, Luna, and volunteering for The Elephant Sanctuary In Tennessee.

Sarah Smith
Marketing Manager

Sarah is a San Francisco native, brand new to our office and to Nashville. She is our go-to for everything marketing and promotion, and she’s the star of our training videos! While she’s quickly becoming an expert on health care, she can also tell you every country in the world and its capital.

Heather Oller
Marketing Assistant/Print Shop Manager

Heather plays an integral role in our marketing team, helping everybody manage tasks. She runs our hiring process, keeps everyone on task, orders our office supplies, and runs the print shop. As Print Shop Manager, Heather helps gets out promotional materials and mailers quickly and efficiently to aid in our lead generation and marketing strategies. Heather always has a smile on her face and is ready to help every team member.

Jenna Ognenoff
Marketing Specialist

Jenna is a Wisconsin native who moved to Nashville from Arizona a few months ago. Jenna's work experience is in HR, onboarding, training, and hiring. She worked as a Medical Staff Office Coordinator at a behavioral health hospital and as a service coordinator for an Autism Clinic for kids.

While Jenna's role will likely grow and change, she is currently helping out the marketing team with various tasks as well as organizing our compliance program. So far, Jenna is loving her coworkers and their encouraging and positive nature that gets her excited to come to work every day.

Data Management

Courtney McKay
Director of Data Management

Courtney directed our call centers for two years, but now spends her days managing lead and sales data. Without Courtney’s data management, we would have no way of tracking our past, present, and future sales along with everything that goes into making them happen! In her spare time, Courtney loves spending time with her fur baby and her soon-to-be-husband, who just happens to be one of our Medicare agents!

Priscilla Medina
Lead Manager

Priscilla has spent the past year ensuring that all of our sales leads are actively worked each day. In her spare time, she enjoys cliff diving, supporting the Dallas Cowboys, and remembering the time Britney Spears threw a sandwich in her face.

Jesse Waller
Reporting Manager

With our consistently growing sales volume, Jesse helps us to report on and analyze our sales and leads to make sure that we are doing all we can to help both agents and clients.


Adam Thede
Senior Software Developer

Adam began his career as an investment banker in New York. After realizing his passion for creating, he switched gears and began working as a developer. Adam spends his days developing technology for our sales, marketing, and commissions departments while working to improve our business.

James Olekszyk
Software Developer

As one of our brilliant developers, James creates and maintains our physical mailing campaign application and manages our workflow applications. He is currently working on a new program to increase our marketplace transparency and quality of care for consumers. After work hours, James plays a mean dodgeball.

Sales & Agency Recruitment

Keith Hinson
Director of Field Sales

As an insurance sales executive with more than 15 years of experience, Keith directs sales throughout our local communities in Tennessee and Kentucky. He supervises agents to push sales and grow the company. He also oversees agent recruiting and training.

Andrew C. Watkins
Director of Agency Marketing

Andrew is responsible for overseeing the national recruitment and sales of independent agents and agencies under the Senior Market Advisors' umbrella. This includes a team of marketers that with Andrew's support meets the recruitment and sales goals of Senior Market Advisors. He also maintains effective relationships with key General Agencies in order to generate and improve production through a multitude of Medicare and Senior focused products.

Michele Rosenberg
Agency Recruiting Manager

Michele has spent the past year helping agents and agencies with contracting, generating sales leads, and business development. Our agents know they can count on Michele whenever they need help, whether they are brand new to the market or a seasoned professional.

Tony Dolle
Agency Recruiting Manager

Tony is in charge of recruiting agents and agencies. He has worked in this role for about two years, but has ample additional talents! Tony went to the University of Missouri for journalism and was once nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for small newspaper reporting. He is also a qualified pilot, award-winning photographer, and spends his free time collecting and restoring vintage fountain pens.

Traci Walker
Vice President of Sales Operations

Traci worked in the Medicare & Retirement division at United Health Care for 15 years. For the last 8 of those years, she was with the National External Distribution team, managing strategic analytics and sales operation projects with MA and Part D plans. This included providing business intelligence to help the sales teams and external partners on trends, gap analysis, and competitive intel.

Traci joined SMA because she loves our WHY. She says, "while large carriers have a similar idea within their mission statement, it is obvious that SMA lives it. That is where the difference is made." She is "proud to be a part of this team and compliment the strengths already onboard."

Chris Neal
Regional Vice President - Southeast

Chris worked with United Health Care for 12 years. He worked in their customer service department while finishing up his undergraduate schooling before transitioning into a Medicare Agent role. After that, he worked under the role Director, National Broker Distribution, where he worked towards growth, retention, and relationships with top level National accounts. 

Recently, Chris decided that he wanted to be somewhere where he could make a difference in the industry. He discovered that his way of thinking matched closely with that of Jeff Pitta's and was excited to join SMA. In his first 90 days, Chris was blown away by the employee talent at SMA. He noticed that everyone plays their position but also jumps into other areas as needed. On joining SMA, Chris says he "could not have made a better decision." 

Rick Golden
Regional Vice President - Texas

Rick is in charge of our Texas agent recruitment and oversight. He works every day to develop sales and marketing opportunities to support our SMA brokers and achieve our membership and revenue goals. Rick has worked in the health insurance industry for over 37 years. Outside of work, he enjoys coaching youth sports and staying active in his local church. He has 3 children with his wife of 36 years, Libby. Together they also have a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

Carla Woodward
Director of Recruitment & Outreach

Carla joined us in early 2017, fresh to the health insurance industry but well-versed in outreach programs. She spends her days visiting hospitals and other venues as well as meeting with agents to discuss the tools and services that SMA offers. In her spare time, Carla is on a mission to visit every National Park in the U.S. and loves spending time with her two dogs.


Deserae Machado
Contracting Manager

Deserae is the problem-solver of the contracting department. She assigns and monitors the agent contracting team to ensure smooth operation. A natural-born leader, Deseare is the oldest of four and has two furry babies of her own. She spends her free time reading, eating Sushi, and creeping her husband out with her collection of porcelain dolls.

Charity Hill
Contracting Coordinator

Charity helps to provide agents with guidelines and training. She walks them through sales appointments, helps them with yearly certification, and keeps records to help us stick to compliance rules. Charity has been in her role in Tucson for almost five years. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in English, and enjoys film and theatre (especially musicals).

Luis Martinez Hernandez
Contracting Coordinator

Luis has been working with brokered agents for over ten years. He ensures that all brokers are active and working successfully. When he’s not doing that, his favorite things are sports, pizza, and the number 3.

Jazmin Barron
Data Entry Specialist

Jazmin spends most of her days in our CRM data management system keeping all broker information and contracts accurate. On the weekends, Jazmin enjoys swing dancing!

Call Center Operations

Gina Angelo
Call Center Program Manager

Gina spends a lot of time on the phone with our enrollment and recruitment call centers, making sure employees are trained for every situation. Gina is an experienced agent herself, making her a great candidate to direct those who are expected to communicate with agents every day. She’s new to our organization but has years of experience. Gina is a proud former Army Medic, and we thank her for her service. She loves spending time with her husband, her two “slightly overweight” labrador retrievers, and her bunny.

Administration & Commissions

Annette Walters
Director of Business Development

Annette started with Senior Market Advisors nearly three years ago as the Director of Sales and Oversight, developing and facilitating SMA's university training program "Success School", and a trifold communication campaign for career agents. As the Director of Business Development, Annette is primarily responsible to ensure continuity of all companies within the SMA umbrella through effective communication and project management, while helping to drive expansion of the SMA footprint alongside the CEO.

Denise Miller
Enterprise Project Manager

Denise Miller brings over 20 years of Operations and Project Management experience in healthcare and consumer engagement. She is responsible for overall delivery of SMA services and agent specific initiatives such as marketing and commissions.

Bernadette Alvarado
Commissions Analyst

Bernadette has worked in the commissioning department for about two years. She resides in Tucson with her three children.

Kayla Smith
Commissions Specialist

Kayla is the liaison between agents and our commissioning department. Kayla ensures that our agents are receiving the pay they deserve. She has been with us for less than a year and is excited to watch and help the company grow.

Lindsay Hopper
Commissions Analyst

Lindsay came to SMA a few weeks ago, excited to get back into her preferred field of data analysis. Most of her previous experience is in research and data analysis in university settings in physics, programming, network security, and sociology. She worked for awhile in project management roles, but now she's enjoying performing the role she truly enjoys and getting to know her friendly new coworkers.

Sue Branham
Human Resources/Executive Assistant

Sue handles licences, compliance, payroll, and general human resource responsibilities. She has been working in her role for about four years, but also spends some time as a radio DJ. In her free time, Sue loves to surf.

Jaron Branham
SalesForce Administrator

As a constantly growing company, we have multiple databases and technological platforms that need constant attention. Jaron provides technical support to agents and employees alike for our Salesforce CRM database. He also generates and analyzes our CRM reports. Jaron’s technological skills stretch farther than the office - he builds custom gaming computers for fun, when he’s not watching Game of Thrones.

At Senior Market Advisors (SMA), our goal is to provide that extra effort and know-how to take our agents from good to great, and from great to truly awesome. Our mission is to serve the underserved, while embracing today and tomorrow’s technology to help us get there. SMA prides itself on aligning with agents and carriers who share our same vision.