DSNP Facts and Figures | Senior Market Advisors

D-SNP Facts & Figures

General, Medicaid, Medicare May 3, 2017 0

D-SNPS provide savings to dual-eligible Medicare clients. Do you know how to tell if your clients are eligible? Read to find out today.

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Selling To Seniors - Making The Switch | Senior Market Advisors

Selling to Seniors: Making The Switch

Business Development, General, Medicare, Sales May 1, 2017 0

Selling to seniors is different from selling to other age groups. Do you know how to sell Medicare? We’ll help you get started.

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10 Insurance Sales Tips To Remember | Senior Market Advisors

10 Insurance Sales Tips To Remember

Business Development, General April 26, 2017 0

Based on our experiences and those of our agents, we’ve compiled a list of ten important sales tips for Medicare insurance agents to remember.

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Obamacare Is Failing In Knoxville | Senior Market Advisors

Obamacare Failing In Knoxville, TN

General, News, Obamacare April 25, 2017 0

Humana was the only ACA option for Knoxville residents, but now they’re stepping out. Why is this happening and what’s next for TN?

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Simply Explained: Accountable Care Organizations | Senior Market Advisors

Simply Explained: Accountable Care Organizations

General, Medicare, News April 24, 2017 0

Accountable care organizations are a part of the ACA involving Medicare. How will ACOs change within the Trump presidency?

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