How To Respond When They Say The Need To Think About It | Senior Market Advisors

When A Client Says “Let Me Think About It…”

Business Development, General September 6, 2017 0

One of the most common sales objections that you’re bound to hear is “I need to think about it.” How do you respond? Read our tips now.

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How To Find Your Why | Senior Market Advisors

How To Find Your Why | From Our CEO

Business Development, General September 4, 2017 0

Questions to Help You Uncover Your ‘Why’ – By Jeff Pitta Originally published on I was recently asked a question about how our organization found its “why.” I truly believe that this is one of the most important questions an organization needs to ask itself. Successful organizations are not built overnight — they evolve […]

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Using Exclusivity To Gain Referrals | Senior Market Advisors

Using Exclusivity To Gain Referrals

Business Development, General, Sales August 30, 2017 0

Do you offer any exclusive products or services? You should be using exclusivity to gain referrals. Read more sales advice from Senior Market Advisors.

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What Is The SilverSneakers Program | Senior Market Advisors

What Is The SilverSneakers Program?

General, Medicare, Sales August 23, 2017 0

Medicare plans often include additional benefits that reel in clients and promote healthy behaviors. SilverSneakers, a senior exercise program, is one of those benefits. The program includes guidance and group exercise classes designed to improve overall fitness. Classes focus on strength, flexibility and walking. SilverSneakers is not just a fitness benefit, it’s also a social exercise […]

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Why You Should Be A Senior Market Advisor | Senior Market Advisors

Why You Should Be A Senior Market Advisor

Business Development, Field Marketing Organization, General August 21, 2017 0

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Are you ready to become a senior market advisor? The key word in our organization’s title is senior. The senior population is rising at an alarming rate that requires you to sell Medicare. The Facts The 65+ age group is expected to double to 98 […]

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