Common Email Mistakes To Avoid | Senior Market Advisors

Common Email Mistakes To Avoid

Business Development, General April 11, 2018 0

Common Email Mistakes To Avoid Whether you’re reaching out to prospective clients or attempting to network with sales professionals, the way you write your emails can make or break an interaction. From bad grammar to unflattering formatting, these are the most common email mistakes that you should avoid: Over The Top Be honest: which of […]

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Words That Sell: What To Say and How To Say It | Senior Market Advisors

Words That Sell: What To Say And How To Say It

General, Sales April 4, 2018 0

Words That Sell: What To Say And How To Say It Every little word choice you make can mean the difference between closing a sale and, well, not closing a sale. When you walk into a client’s house with a stack of brochures and start asking personal questions, they’re bound to have their defenses up. […]

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Medicare For Snowbirds and Travelers | Senior Market Advisors

Medicare For Snowbirds & Travelers

General, Medicare April 2, 2018 0

Medicare For Snowbirds How often do your clients ask you about out-of-state coverage? You probably know that a beneficiary can only enroll in the state that they live in. That makes finding policies for snowbirds and travelers a bit more complicated, but not impossible. Get To Know The Snowbirds When you meet with a client, […]

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Add Cancer Plans To Your Book Of Business

Add Cancer Plans To Your Book Of Business

General, News, Sales March 28, 2018 0

Add Cancer Plans To Your Book Of Business Earlier this month, CMS announced that some Medicare plans will cover genetic cancer testing. As long as the tests are FDA-approved, Medicare plans can provide coverage. By adding cancer plans to your book of business, you can help clients with a high possibility of developing cancer prepare […]

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How Medicare Covers Telehealth | Senior Market Advisors

How Medicare Covers Telehealth

General, Medicare March 26, 2018 0

How Medicare Covers Telehealth Throughout your career as a Medicare agent, you will face hundreds of clients who have a hard time getting themselves to a doctor or hospital. Sometimes this is due to a disabling condition, and sometimes it’s due to a lack of adequate transportation. Telehealth is an ideal solution for anyone who […]

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